Affliction—2017 Daphne du Maurier Contest Finalist


Coming Soon – Affliction—2017 Daphne du Maurier Contest Finalist

Severe allergic reaction? Viral or bacterial infection? No one knows.
But as a strange affliction spreads across Sarum, one thing becomes clear—it is deadly.

Colin McKenna has one goal—finding his sister, Rosie. His search leads him to her last employer, Burton Pharmaceuticals, the company that created a vaccine capable of ending the affliction. When his trip to the lab fails to produce answers, he seeks out Rosie’s best friend, Maggie Olsen.

Maggie fears she has contracted the strange ailment making others sick. An infectious disease specialist, she suspects the condition is connected to Burton’s latest drug extract. However, she’ll need more than just a theory to convince authorities. Will she find proof before millions die?

Colin is the brother Rosie never mentioned to Maggie. Despite her concerns and her attraction to the lethal-looking stranger, she decides to partner with him after she’s attacked by Burton’s security team. They must rely on each other as they face a threat capable of destroying not only their growing attraction but all of the humanity.


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