Extreme Fear


Extreme Fear won first place in the 2017 TARA Contest

Marcus Grayson operates outside the law…

The FBI calls him a vigilante. But that’s fine with him. As the leader of Zulu Six, the security expert protects people in imminent danger by eliminating threats that can’t be resolved through normal law enforcement channels. When his brother is framed for murder by an enemy out to destroy everyone close to Marcus, he sets out to right the wrong. No one threatens the only real family he’s ever known.

But identifying his foe may be the easy part, because Marcus is soon in trouble with the attractive female FBI agent hunting a killer.

Catt Monroe plays by the rules…
After a chaotic childhood, a sense of order is what the FBI cryptanalyst loves most about her line of work. She travels to Colorado determined to stop a killer that tattoos cryptic drawings on his victims’ backs. From crime scene to crime scene, her orderly life spins out of order as the killer baits and lays a trap that threatens to expose all of Marcus’s secrets.

As their attraction for each other grows, Marcus and Catt are determined to decipher the cryptic messages and find justice for the victims. Only their journey is filled with twists and turns—roads that lead through the snow covered Rocky Mountains and deep into the darkest recesses of the human heart.

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